Bhutan Trekking

Bhutan Trekking is an one of a kind experience. Trek routs taking you through natural Himalayan landscape will be your venture to the heart of Eastern Himalaya. Our trekking guides will show you the best of Bhutan as they hold the experience in venturing through this trekking routes.

Bhutan-TrekkingTrekking-in-BhutanTrekking in Bhutan: For trekkers Bhutan is a heaven. Bhutan mountain treks are delight for the those who love adventure tours. High mountains, some even virgin, deep valleys, breath taking scenery, flora and fauna make a perfect Bhutan Trekking Packages for trekking holiday and Bhutan trekking tours. Mid era Bhutan had numerous trails from which people traveled, but many of those trails are covered with thickets. However, trekking in Bhutan presents many trails that will fascinate you.

Trekking in Bhutan:- Bhutan mountain treks  gives travelers the opportunity to experience and see the amazing Bhutanese landscapes first hand. With eighty percent under forest coverage trekking in Bhutan and trekking holiday will be a life time experience passing through various vegetation zones. Bhutan mountain treks or trekking in Bhutan will take you through protected areas where you can see wild-life in its natural habitat.

Trekking in Bhutan can be done by all, you do not have to be a qualified trekker to experience the joy of this adventure tours. We have trekking trails those are suitable of average people to trek through. Trekking in Bhutan can be made pleasant customizing Bhutan trekking packages, Bhutan Mountain Treks, Bhutan trekking tours and adventure tours with cultural tours as per your wish and desire. That way you can trek and tour on alternative bases exploring every corners of the country far and wide. You will be visiting remarkable places, witness holy annual festivals which are celebrated in all 20 districts of the country in a year, on different dates but holy days. Bhutan trekking tours or adventure tours clubbing with cultural tours as you desire to make Bhutan trekking packages makes trekking in Bhutan and Bhutan mountain treks not only adventures, informative and memorable but at the same time it gives you the opportunity to interact with local people first hand.

Bhutan Trekking Tour Itineraries.

Select the best trek route to suite your adventure needs. Bhutan has to offer exotic beauty of Himalaya.