The Royal Government’s tourism policy of Bhutan on sustainability defines that tourism must be ecologically and environmentally friendly, socially and culturally acceptable and economically viable.

TLF Holidays is positively committed to uphold this policy and operate its tours and adventures in line to the guidelines of Royal Government’s Sustainable Tourism policy. We emphasize on minimizing negative economic, environmental and social impacts in the areas of our operation. We are fully committed to conservation of our resources; working with our clients and the local communities to promote direct economic benefits at a community level and to contribute to environmental and cultural heritage conservation; at the same time providing more enjoyable experiences for our guests through meaningful connections with local people and a greater understanding of local culture, social and environmental issues. To mention, we have been promoting smaller groups to stride through quietly on the land and respect indigenous cultures. We have been exclusively using LPG for cooking high-up in the mountains thereby discouraging the use of firewood in total. We advocate our clients to go for locally grown vegetables and eatables, discouraging use of canned foods. The company has a firm regulation of ‘bring-back’ solid waste for proper disposal. The company fully endorses ‘Paperless Initiative’ of the Royal Government and emphasizes use of Google Apps for official correspondence and documents sharing, use of re-cycled papers and refilled toner cartridges.

We firmly believe that this attitude will foster a win-win situation, encouraging respect between our guests and the local communities, and building local pride and confidence.

We encourage our guests to be a ‘sustainable traveler’ by accepting following:

  1. Check local laws and customs of the community you are traveling to and obey local laws
  2. Respect and honor local etiquettes, tradition and culture of the local community you are visiting; consult your guide for more information
  3. Courteous dress-up while visiting temples, monasteries and Dzongs
  4. Try local cuisines in local restaurants to support local entrepreneurship
  5. Avoid littering and engage in proper disposal of solid waste
  6. Use of tobacco products/smoking in public places is prohibited by law; honor this regulation and bring only required tobacco products for your personal consumption after declaring to the Customs and paying taxes
  7. Export of antiques is prohibited by law; should buy only those that have been certified for sale/export. Government provides official seal to certify such artifacts that are allowed to be taken out of the country
  8. Do not buy animal and plant species for export