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Bhutan Festival Tours offers you a glimpse into Bhutanese religion, its peaceful propagation in the country and an opportunity to feast your eyes with colourful Festival Trips comprising of Tshechus, the Bhutanese mask Dance festival and Bhutanese Folk Dances across the entire country.

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bhutanese religionBhutanese religion is Mahayana Buddhism, (the greater vehicle) and it can be clearly seen during the Festival Trips how in everyday life culture and history of Bhutan is completely correlated with religion. Bhutan Festival Tours takes you to many townships around the country to witness Tshechus and Bhutanese Folk Dances. Bhutanese religion follows the lunar calendar. Tshechus are celebrated on the 10th day of a month of the lunar calendar, and it is celebrated differently for different towns. For instance, Tshechus, the Bhutanese mask Dance festival and Bhutanese Folk Dances for Thimphu is celebrated in September or October, while Tshechus in Paro are celebrated in March or April.

tshechusTshechus are the festivals in honour of Guru Rinpoche who first visited Bhutan in 746 A.D, much revered in the Bhutanese religion as the precious Teacher. Tshechu are the major attraction of the Festival Trips and it is believed one gains merits by attending it. It is a perfect occasion to find the colours of the Bhutan Festival Tours, for mixed in between mask dances and Bhutanese Folk Dance is a glimpse of a yearly community gathering where people attend in their finest dresses. Bhutanese Folk Dances are a soothing, group performances showcased by a group of men or women or a mixed group depending on the type of song. Bhutan Festival Tours provides you insight into how peacefully Bhutanese religion has integrated with the tradition of the land, and lets you explore how different people of different land yet same cultures exist in the Festival Trips.

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