Travelers wishing to visit Bhutan can plan their trip anytime from February to December as we have Bhutan Festivals almost throughout the year. Usually, spring (March to May) and autumn (September to November) are the best times to visit Bhutan as the weather remains warm and dry. You will have the opportunity to see beautiful spring flowers in spring and the leaves changing its colour in autumn. Winter months from December to February can also be an enjoyable time to visit as you will get ample chances to witness snowfall if you are lucky.

Weather in Bhutan entirely depends on the altitude thus one can experience cold and harsh weather in the Northern parts of the country and cool and pleasant weather in the southern parts of the country during winter months.

One interesting fact about weather in Bhutan is that the entire year can be divided into four seasons and each season has three months.

  1. Spring (March, April & May)
  2. Summer (June, July & August)
  3. Autumn (September, October & November)
  4. Winter (December, January & February)

Bhutan Monthly Weather

Bhutan Weather in January

January in Bhutan is the coldest month of the year but one is likely to experience clear skies with bright sunshine during the day with colder nights. New Year celebrations are the highlight of the month. The average temperature throughout the month can be as low as -1degree C.

Events & Festivals of Bhutan in January

  • New Year celebrations are held

Bhutan Weather in February

It is expected to continue snow in February, and parts of the country may experience heavy snowfall. The average temperature throughout the month in Bhutan can be as low as -1degree C. However, the days are clear with bright sunshine.

Events & Festivals of Bhutan in February

February is packed with some interesting and unique festivals like:

  • Punakha Tshechu
  • Punakha Drubchen
  • Tharpaling Thongdrol
  • Birth anniversaries of the King and Crown Prince
  • Losar – Bhutanese New Year

Religious festivals are special occasion to participate and gain religious merit; it is also a festive occasion for the common people to get together in the best of their attire. Punakha Tsechu is much unique which unlike the other Tsechus depict history of the construction of Punakha Dzong, the internal conflict and external invasion during the construction of this Dzong by Zhabdrung Nawang Namgyel in 1637. Mask dances are performed by monks and folk dances performed by general public, this festival concludes with unfurling of ‘Thongrol’ the painting of Guru Rimpoche, founder of Buddhism in Bhutan. People believe in achieving religious merit and cleansing the sin with the sight/view of this painting.

21February and 5 February is the birth anniversary of the king and the crown prince respectively and is celebrated throughout the country with great devotion. Losar, the Bhutanese New Year usually falls in Mid-February is celebrated with fervor by all Bhutanese.     

Bhutan Weather in March

Month of March is regarded a very good time to visit Bhutan as the winter coming to a close and temperature pushing up to a high 20-25 degrees, will be pleasant experience for a visitor to be in Bhutan during this time of the year.  Bhutan weather in March is warm, skies remarkably clear and the temperature very pleasant.  Temperatures slowly begin to rise and spring flowers are seen, both on the ground and as blossom on the trees. It is excellent time for both touring and trekking.  

Events & Festivals of Bhutan in March

  • Gomphukora
  • Talo Tshechu
  • Gasa Tshechu
  • Paro Tshechu

Bhutan Weather in April

  • April is another popular month to visit Bhutan as the weather is very pleasant, warm and bright with lots of sunshine. The weather is also ideal for trekking; trekkers get the opportunity to view beautiful Rhododendron blooming in full at higher altitude. April also hosts the popular ‘Paro-Tsechu’ festival which attracts a big number of tourists. This popular festival features four days of religious mask dances depicting the eight manifestations of Guru Rimpoche, the founder of Buddhism in Bhutan. The festival concludes with unfurling of the Thangkha (religious painting) early morning of the fourth day.  
  • The Rhododendron festival celebrates and displays the Rhododendron flowers of different species in Bhutan that flourish in their natural habitat. This festival features the Rhododendron Garden Walk and Exhibition, local culture and cuisines, arts and crafts and traditional games, cultural program, guided walks and activities.
  • Domkhar Tsechu is a 3 days festival celebrated at Domkhar Monastery in Bumthang. It is performed by local people of Domkhar village which includes religious Mask Dances and folk dances. The festival concludes with the unfurling of Thongdrol (religious painting) to bless the people.
  • Ura Yakchoe festival is conducted in the village of Ura in Bumthang which is celebrated to appease and make offerings to the god of yak. It is an age old tradition but continues even now.
  • Trekking – The weather is ideal for trekking; trekkers get the opportunity to view beautiful Rhododendron blooming in full at higher altitude.

Events & Festivals of Bhutan in April

  • Paro Tsechu
  • Rhododendron festival
  • Domkhar Tshechu
  • Ura Yakchoe
  • Trekking

Bhutan Weather in May

The weather is usually warm during May with light showers. The last months of spring in Bhutan, May sees a slight increase in rainfall and humidity, though the heavier rain does not come until around mid June. It is also an ideal time to trek high altitude trails, where you can still see the beautiful Rhododendron flowers blooming. Temperature ranges anything from 25-30 degrees during day time to around 10-15 degrees during night, depending where you are. Temperatures are hotter in the south than in the north. 

Events & Festivals of Bhutan in May

  • Trekking
  • Culture Tours

Trekking and Culture tours are the most sought events in the month of May as there are not much of festivals celebrated during this month.

Bhutan Weather in June

June is hot and wet with rainfall most of the time. It is the start of the summer monsoon season in Bhutan. Rainfall is heavy usually in the afternoon with the temperatures rising very high.

Events & Festivals of Bhutan in June

There are not much events and festivals during this month as the climate is very hot and humid. However, Bhutan could still be a good place to visit in June for Botanical tours.

Bhutan Weather in July

Weather in July is wet and humid with higher temperature. It is one of the wettest months of the year and the humidity is at its highest making the temperature feel even hotter. Few people still choose to visit Bhutan in July for culture tour but is not ideal for trekking as it is muddy and wet everywhere.

Events & Festivals of Bhutan in July

  • Haa Summer Festival
  • Nimalung Tshechu

Bhutan Weather in August

A wet and humid month, with high temperatures across the kingdom, August is not the best time of year to travel to Bhutan for trekking, but is much more suited to sightseeing and exploring the monasteries and temples of the kingdom. For most tourists, August is an enjoyable month, despite the rain, as the landscape is lush and green, with the summer wildflowers blooming in the meadows and field

Events & Festivals of Bhutan in August

  • Masutaki Mushroom festival

Bhutan Weather in September

September marks the end of monsoon in Bhutan , there is some rain but not as heavy as in summer. This is the time of the year when you will get literally clear views of the mountain peaks.

Events & Festivals of Bhutan in September

  • Tour of the Dragon Bicycle race

Bhutan Weather in October

September, October and November are ideal time for hiking, attending festivals and enjoying the stunning views across the country. October is mid-autumn in Bhutan; a peak season for trekking, is best time to visit the country which sees falling leaves, clear skies and bright sunshine. The autumn leaves change their hue and look their best, with brownish shades during October.  It may be cold at higher altitude but you can get clear view of snow-capped mountain passes.

Events & Festivals of Bhutan in October

  • Wangdue Tshechu
  • Thimphu Tshechu

Thimphu Tsechu is one of the biggest festivals in the country that attracts large number of western tourist. It is held in the courtyards of Tashichhodzong in Thimphu and is performed for three days. Mask dances like the Guru Tshengye (Eight Manifestations of Guru Rinpoche), Shaw Shachi (Dance of the Stags) and many more are the highlights of this festival.

Wangdue Tsechu is held in Wangduephodrang and is observed for three days in October. It is wll known for the Raksha Mangcham or the Dance of the Ox. Different kinds of mask dances are performed during the festival. It concludes with the unfurling of the Guru Tshengye Thongdrel (religious painting).

Bhutan Weather in November

November is the end of autumn in Bhutan and the temperature begin to drop. Weather is cool with autumn leaves still on full show, but high mountainous areas might experience snow. November is one of the last months for the high altitude trekking areas of Bhutan, but is still a great time to visit to avoid the crows. November is also a good time for bird watching in Bhutan as the migratory birds from the north  start to come down into warmer Bhutan for winter. Phobjikha valley sees the arrival of the Black-necked cranes.

Events & Festivals of Bhutan in November

  • Jambay Lhakhang Drup festival in Bumthang
  • Black-Necked Crane festival in Phobjikha

Jambay Lhakhang Drup happens to be one of the most popular festivals of Bhutan. This festival is organized in honor of Guru Rimpoche and the festival also commemorates the establishment of this Monastery in the 7th Century. The highlights of this festival are the sacred Mask Dance, Mewang (fire dance) and the religious dance ‘Tercham’.

Black-Necked Crane festival is celebrated at the courtyard of Gangtey Monastery in Phobjikha valley. The festical is an occasion for the locals to rejoice and celebrate the arrival of this endangered bird which becomes an inseparable part in their daily lives during the winter months.

Bhutan Weather in December

December is start of the winter season and is normally cold-dry with less daylight, Bhutan is still an amazing place to visit in December with less tourist in the vicinity. Unlike some of the Himalayan countries that have severe winter, Bhutan in December is relatively mild with clear skies and pleasant weather. Average temperatures across northwest region of Bhutan where most of major tourist attractions lies ranges from 4 to 12 degrees, making it a pleasant time of the year to visit.

Events & Festivals of Bhutan in December

  • Trongsa Tshechu
  • Lhuntse Tshechu