Bhutan Travel Information – the following information acts as a guide when traveling to Bhutan. This practical advice is not a comprehensive list but should provide some useful information for you as you plan your travelling.

Bhutan Travel InformationBhutan Travel Information about Accommodation: Tourists are accommodated in a minimum of 3-Star category hotels; most of these hotels are comfortable and clean but not so luxurious comparing to western standard. International chains of Resorts by conglomerates like Amman Resorts, Como Resorts, Taj Hotels and Starwood have come-up, that are expensive but offer world-class facilities.

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Bhutan Travel Information on Bhutan Visa

Bhutan Travel InformationBhutan visa all foreign nationals traveling to Bhutan need visa, which has to be processed before traveling to Bhutan. It is mandatory that the visa application has to be processed through a registered Bhutanese tour operator based in Bhutan; no Mission or Embassy abroad can issue Bhutan visa. Once tour payment is remitted to the account of Tourism Council of Bhutan, the visa application is endorsed and forwarded to the Department of Immigration for clearance.

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Bhutan Travel InformationBhutan Travel Information on Bhutan Tourism Policy

Bhutan Tourism Policy : Tourism in Bhutan is still in its infancy compared to rest of the world, having only embraced this sector in the year 1974. Bhutan popularly known as ‘land of the thunder dragon’, today universally is better known as the kingdom of ‘Gross National Happiness’, where happiness takes precedence over Gross National Product with priority on conservation of environment, preservation & promotion of culture, good governance and equitable & equal socio-economic development.

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Bhutan Travel InformationBhutan Travel Information 
Tariff and  Cancelation Policy

Tourism Council of Bhutan (TCB), which is the regulatory agency of the Royal Government of Bhutan regulates and sets a minimum selling tariff for tours to Bhutan which is set at the following rate and needs to be settled prior to applying visa:

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