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Bhutan cultural tours include visits to temples, fortresses, monasteries and sacred religious sites during your Bhutan travel. Villages in rural Bhutan offer a unique experience of Bhutanese lifestyle. Today facilities such as Home-stays in rural areas allow tourists a peek into the rural lifestyle.

Bhutan cultural tours remain one of the most popular tours in the country today.

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We provide an assortment of itineraries to suit your taste of Bhutan travel, apart from the planned itineraries listed on our site, we will also be glad to design and customize a program according to your suggestion.

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Bhutan’s culture has stood the test of time and continues to remain vibrant even as the country embraces rapid modernization today. Of the many travellers that visit the kingdom, thousands pack their bags for Bhutan travel specifically to experience Bhutanese culture.

Bhutan cultural tours include events like Tshechu(mask dance festivals) are the best occasions where Bhutanese culture can be seen in all its hues, color and grandeur. Men and women wear traditional hand woven dress to witness the mask dances.

Just like the ancient allegorical drama in the west, Tshechu in Bhutan portray the victory of good over evil, moral righteousness and vices and virtues. For instance, the dance of the judgment day represents a righteous human soul being taken to heaven and a sinful, evil soul dragged to hell.

Mask dances are performed by monks and laymen by wearing colorful costumes and masks. Bhutan cultural tours are designed to bring clients into close contact with an unspoiled land that is home to a vibrant Buddhist way of life, and as close in spirit to Shambala – or paradise – as an earth bound kingdom can be.